I’m the Matutinal Nightingale: I sing my song in the morn, for the forlorn even the heart that is torn; for the soul that is worn a new beginning is born.

A new beginning is born.

I am young, fresh and new. I am old and experienced. I am a simple complexity or complex simplicity; an inexperienced experience. I am the result of dysfunction and courage. I am not preaching, just teaching because I am learning.

I don’t know or understand everything, and perhaps anything.

I’m insecure but I simply adore myself.


This is a repository for my thoughts, feelings, lamentations and epiphanies.

I write because I believe I have a responsibility.

I write because I believe that “To whom much is given, much is expected.” – Luke 12:48

I have big dreams but little courage.

I am your fellow human being :).

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